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An old controversy

There are a few different points of view on the optimum ripening point of pitaya. At Mochana Green we have a strong tendency to put on the table of our customers the best pitaya they can eat. And to do that we have to take into account things that we have already talked about on other occasions:

  • Water suitable for crops in terms of conductivity levels, pH, etc.
  • Nutrients balanced according to the plant's needs at each stage of its life cycle.
  • The levels of temperature, humidity and solar radiation that good cultivation requires.

But, in addition to all this, there is another vital issue. It is about harvesting at the most suitable time for consumption.

And we say this here because a few days ago, through two different channels, we got the idea that, in general, part of the distribution channel requires beautiful pitayas rather than tasty pitayas. And this is a big mistake. There is a general tendency to cut the fruit before its optimum ripening time. This makes it easier to extend the shelf life of the fruit throughout the whole distribution process. The channel buys green and so has two added advantages: firstly, it has more time to sell the product and secondly, the appearance of the fruit tends to be more attractive.

You are sure to find pitayas that look more spectacular than ours.

We do not agree with this philosophy. There are different theories about the different varieties of pitaya as to when they should be harvested. For some, around 30 days after flowering, for others 37, for others 45 days. However, we must not forget that a fruit harvested before its optimum ripening time will never reach its best olfactory and taste properties, even if it retains other organoleptic properties such as its good appearance.

In our case, the number of days can vary, and we always coordinate this with the corresponding visual inspections, tastings, brix measurements, etc. But of course, we do not cut the fruit when it is green just because it is prettier. We cut it when it is going to be at its best flavour.

Inside, you will not easily find a pulp with more texture and flavour than ours.

The orders that customers place through our online shop are served with pitayas that have been harvested the same day or, at most, two or three days earlier. Our local channel and our large distributors receive the fruit under the same time schedule.

And so we tell our customers to beware of that perfect fruit, those smooth green berries they see on the shelves of greengrocers and supermarkets. It is more than likely that they have been harvested for appearance rather than flavour. Ours may not look the best, but as far as taste is concerned, you can rest assured.

A perspective on yesterday's harvest

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