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Mochana Green, corporate structure

On Friday 25 November 2022 the company Mochana Green SL carried out the planned process of capital increase as well as the determination of its new statutes and the appointment of the governance team with which to address its operations.

Thus, the company structure is currently determined by the individual shareholdings of Francisco Javier Sanzo Galisteo, Ana Isabel Pérez Nebreda y Gonzalo Rodríguez de Guzmánin addition to the investment companies Millenium Directorship SA y Vintalis SL.

In the photograph, from right to left, we see Ana Isabel Pérez Nebreda acting on his own behalf. Gonzalo Rodríguez de Guzmánacting on its own behalf and representing also the investor Millenium Directorship SAMartín Quirós Ruiz representing Vintalis SL, and to Francisco Javier Sanzo Galisteo acting on its own behalf.

As CEO of the company Mochana Green SL, the General Meeting proceeded to the appointment of Francisco Javier Sanzo Galisteo.

With this new corporate structure and the contribution made to the share capital, Mochana is in the best possible position to achieve its objectives of creating efficient and sustainable crops with a significant technological contribution to the operational and agricultural environment.

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