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Quality. Tirelessly searching for it

Our society is deeply demanding when it comes to the quality of the food products we consume. And it is only logical that this should be the case. That is why contemporary agriculture cannot remain anchored to its traditional methods but must continuously research new cultivation techniques that improve fruit and vegetable products, that make them more suitable to the consumer's taste, that look for the most attractive sizes or shapes, etc.

If we recently mentioned the principle of sustainability as one of those on which the vision of Mochana Green is based, today we want to emphasise the other principle of the relentless pursuit of quality. We do not want to be just another producer, what we want is for the products we grow to be recognisable in the market for their quality.

Control software for our two greenhouses

Our commitment to cultivation in recirculating hydroponic greenhouses is part of this section. The cultivation techniques we use in them allow us to:

  • Use the most suitable substrate for the correct rooting and development of the plant.
  • Continuously calibrate water needs and adjust irrigation to these needs.
  • Use the necessary fertilisers and in doses appropriate to the product to be obtained.
  • Adapt the precise temperature and humidity at all times. This allows us to make the climatic needs of the crop independent of those of the geographical area where it is located.
This graph shows the differences between the outdoor (red) and indoor (green) temperatures that we can maintain.

In addition to the factors provided by this type of greenhouse, our crops also incorporate a reverse osmosis system. This allows us to make the quality of the water independent of the aquifer from which it is obtained.

Our first crop is Pitaya in one of the tastiest varieties currently on the market, the Pitaya. Caramel of Desertexclusive variety of NewGrowing System. With the cultivation techniques we are describing, we will try to obtain a product that surpasses what the consumer is usually used to. A product with more flavour, with a Brix level that gives it the right sweetness and with the most sought-after size on the market.

This is our philosophy, our way of seeing things. We don't mind investing heavily in this relentless pursuit of quality and we do it so that our products are the best on the market.

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